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iPhone Unavailable Try Again in 59 minutes Fixed

If you encounter the iPhone unavailable try again in 59 minutes issue on your device, it means you’re locked out of your iPhone for wrong passcode attempts. It means you have 7 or more wrong passcode entries. Actually, the timer comes after the iPhone unavailable try again in 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4/5/6/7 hours, and 8 hours message after 1 minute. Thus, you should see the iPhone Unavailable try again in 59 minutes, 1 hour 59 minutes, 2, 3, 4, or 5 hours 59 minutes, 6 hours 59 minutes, and 7 hours 59 minutes. 

You can really feel frustrated when you’re in a hurry to use your phone immediately. Don’t worry. In this article, we’ll discuss three solutions to fix it.

The Normal Method to Keep Everything on Your iPhone.

Wait for 59 minutes, When the time is up, enter your correct password on the unlocking screen. You should get the problem fixed and everything there.

For people who have the iPhone unavailable try again in 59 minutes stuck issue or people who forgot the passcode, it’s a pity that you should unlock your iPhone with a reset. Follow the following methods to fix it. Even if you Google many times to search the ways to keep your data, like photos, messages, and others, the fact is that no one can save unavailable iPhone data without a passcode. No one can break Apple’s security rules to get the data back. The comforting thing is, the backups always work for you to get most of the data back.

How to Fix iPhone Unavailable Try again in 59 Minutes with the iPhone Unlocker App.

SD iPhone Unlocker is the best app to fix iPhone unavailable try again errors problem.

If you get locked out of your iPhone without any reason, SD iPhone Unlocker is an ideal tool to unlock the disabled iPhone. It can also help you remove the 6-digit passcode, 4-digit passcode, Alphanumeric passcode, Touch ID and Face ID if you forgot the passcode.

This iPhone Unlocker app also removes the Apple ID, remove screen time passcode, and MDM.

Follow the Steps to Unlock your iPhone Unavailable try again in 59 minutes.

Step 1. Launch SD iPhone Unlocker. Connect your iPhone to the computer. Then Select Wipe passcode from the homepage of the app.

Step 2. Once the iPhone is connected, click Start. If the app asks you to put it in recovery mode, do it.

If you don’t know how to enter the iPhone recovery mode, we prepared the instructions for you. How to Put Unavailable iPhone in Recovery Mode.

Step 3. Click Download to download the appropriate firmware for your device. If the firmware has been downloaded already, select it manually.

Step 4. Wait for the firmware download and verification to complete. After that, click Unlock. In the warning Window, enter 0000 required. And click Unlock again to fix your iPhone stuck on iPhone unavailable try again in 59 minutes and 58 minutes.

Step 5. Wait for the tool to fix your unavailable iPhone. Once the app shows you the unlock is completed screen, disconnect it from the computer.

when the device shows you the Hello screen, set up your device and you can use it again.

How to Fix it with iTunes.

iTunes is another choice to fix the iPhone’s unavailable problem. You can use iTunes to restore your device if Find My iPhone is disabled on your device.

If the Find My feature is enabled, you can try to erase it online or remotely using

Suppose you have the Find My iPhone disabled. Follow the steps to restore your iPhone in iTunes.

Step 1.  On your PC or Mac, update your iTunes to the latest version. Launch it.

Step 2.  Turn off your iPhone and put it in recovery mode. When you enter your device in recovery mode successfully, your device should be connected to the computer and detected by iTunes.

Step 3. Click Restore when iTunes pops up a Window showing the Restore option.

Wait for the iTunes download and restore your iPhone until you see the Hello screen. Set it up later to use it.

How to Fix iPhone Unavailable for 59 Minutes with Finder.

When you’re using a Mac Catalina, or later, you can use Finder to reset the disabled iPhone. Similarly, the Finder restoring method wipes your iPhone and gets it back to factory settings. if you are lucky to have backups, you can get most of your data back by restoring backups in Finder.

Step 1.  Open your Mac computer and update it to the latest macOS to ensure you have the latest built-in Finder.

Step 2. Disconnect your iPhone from your Mac. Turn it off and enter recovery mode.

After putting it in recovery mode, your iPhone should be connected to your Mac and detected by the Finder app.

Step 3. Click Restore once Finder pops up a screen.

Step 4. Confirm Restore and wait.

Your iPhone should get to factory settings after a while. Now you can set it up as a new device and use it normally.

Fix Phone with Erase iPhone Option on the device.

When you see the iPhone unavailable try again in 59 minutes, at least, your iPhone is not permanently locked out. If your device is running on iOS 15.2 or later, connected to the Wi-Fi or cellular network, and has the Find My option enabled, you should possibly have the Erase iPhone option there.

There is an Erase option method to wipe a disabled iPhone when it’s stuck on the iPhone’s unavailable screen.

Continuously entering the wrong passcode after waiting 59 minutes until you see the Erase option.

Then tap Erase iPhone on the bottom right corner of the screen.

tap Erase iPhone and Enter your Apple ID passcode.

Erase iPhone optionwait for a few minutes and your iPhone should reset itself to factory settings.

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