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How to Factory Reset iPhone 6 without Apple ID Password and iTunes?

Nowadays, people tend to change their mobile phones more frequently than ever. Maybe you have got a second-hand iPhone 6 without Apple ID Password, or you have got an old iPhone 6 from your family member even without Apple ID or password. You are locked out of this iPhone 6. Without Apple ID, even you can’t reset this iPhone 6 with iTunes either. How to factory reset iPhone 6 without Apple ID password and iTunes?

Factory Reset iPhone 6 without Apple ID Password and iTunes
Factory Reset iPhone 6 without Apple ID Password and iTunes

To reuse this iPhone 6, you are going to troubleshoot the annoying Problem. Come on. Let’s prove an effective method with this SD iPhone unlocker software.SD iPhone unlocker is a piece of software using the cutting-edge Apple ID password removing algorithm. You can remove your Apple ID, screen lock password, and screen time password with it.

To unlock this iPhone 6 successfully without Apple ID or password, you need to remove the previous Apple ID with the SD iPhone Unlocker. Please read the following step by step guide carefully.

Note: Removing the Apple ID or password on the iPhone 6 will erase all the data via this software.

To do that, first, download and install this software on your computer.

 Method 1. First, Unlock iPhone 6 Apple ID password via SD iPhone Unlocker without iTunes.

1.Lunch the SD iPhone unlocker and go to the Remove Apple ID module.

wipe passcode2. Plug your iPhone 6 to the computer with a USB cable. And Click Start. Keep your iPhone 6 connected during the process.

Start to remove Apple ID3. Apple ID will be removed successfully. Wait for the device to be restarted.

Unlock Apple ID successfullyWhen the iPhone 6 restarts, you should enter your screen lock passcode to reset it.

Method 2. Reset your Apple ID password on your iPhone 6 or Apple’s official site.

Option 1: Open Settings > Password & Security> Change Password.
Now enter your security questions or passcode to change your Apple ID password.

Option 2: Open Settings > iTunes & App Stores> Apple ID:[your email] On the pop-up screen, click iForgot, Follow the onscreen steps to update your password.
More methods on Apple: If you forgot your Apple ID password.

When you are facing the problem of how to reset iPhone 6 without Apple ID password and iTunes, this great and stable SD iPhone unlocker will help you remove the previous Apple ID and passcode, consequently, you can use this iPhone 6 again with your new Apple ID and set a new password after the complete factory reset. Enjoy your iPhone 6. Or you can reset your old password through apple methods to reuse it.

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