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There are lots of people being troubled by data lost every day when using digital storage devices, like mobile phones, tablets computer, laptop and desktop computer. We pick the most helpful data recovery software for iOS and android mobile phones. Free to try iPhone Data Recovery and Android Data Recovery.

How to back up your iPhone, iPad and iPod?

Backup is the best way to keep your data safe. For iPhone,iPad and iPod data backup, please refer to How to backup your iPhone, iPad or iPod using iTunes, iCloud or third-party software.

How to back up iPhone contacts?

Contacts is vital to us. Read on about how to back up iPhone Contacts

iCloud backup taking a long time or taking foever, how to fix it ?

You are trying to back up your iOS contents to iCloud, but the process stuck or taking a long time? Check the lists and tricks about how to resolve iCloud taking a long time.

Forgot your iPhone, iPad or iPod passcodes, how to unock and re-enable your iOS device?

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