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Forgot Screen Time Passcode – What is My Screen Time Passcode(No Data Loss Reset)

What is My Screen Time Passcode, or how to figure out the screen time password on your phone? Don’t be annoyed with the iPhone/iPad/iPod with a forgotten screen time passcode. This article gives you proven and comprehensive fix solutions about Screen Time Passcode and what do you do if you forgot your Screen Time passcode. When you forgot your screen time password, there may be many failed screen time passcode attempts on your iPhone, but your iPhone won’t be locked.

What is Screen Time Passcode?

Screen time passcode is the passcode used along with Apple’s screen time function. When a user turns on the screen time feature and locks his phone usage of setting, apps, and more, he or his children (or anyone) can only enter the Screen Time Passcode to access the locked content & apps or change the Screen Time related features. Screen time is widely used in Parental control.

what is screen time passcode-when you forgot it

Apple released screen time as part of iOS 12. Now you can maximize the control of the usage of your iPhone with this great feature on iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14. The screen time feature, it is not only a comprehensive data analysis tool to record how you spend time on your iPhone or iPad, but also an effective way to lock out anyone using their iPhone or iPad.

With the prevalent of numerous attractive games, or short video platforms, or social media apps, etc. and the fast-paced of modern life, people tend to be easily addicted to smartphones. Especially in this 2020, because of COVID 19, people watched digital products more than ever at home. I use screen time to limit my usage of TikTok, which is an app that gives me laughter and happiness in life. Thanks to the app limits, I can control the video watching time.

What is Screen Time Passcode on your personal iPhone/iPad/iPod.

How to Turn on Screen time on your personal devices.

use screen time password

Go to Settings > Screen Time > Tap Turn on Screen Time > Choose This is My iPhone/iPad/iPod> Use Screen Time Passcode> Set a Screen Time Passcode > Enter your Apple ID & password on the Screen Time Passcode Recovery Page,

If you’d like to lock your settings right with Screen Time Passcode.

On the Screen Time page, Tap Use Screen Time Passcode then set a four-digit screen time passcode and confirm.

The last important step: On the pop-up page of Screen Time Passcode Recovery Enter your Apple ID and Password.

Thus, if you forget your Screen Time Passcode, you can use your Apple ID and password to reset it.  Every day countless people forget their password in the modern world. It is reported from the HYPR Study: 78 Percent People Forget Their Passwords And Then Go For Reset. Apple strongly recommends you set Screen Time Passcode Recovery but you can skip this step.

If you tend to forget passwords, you probably choose not to use the Screen Time Passcode. May be too many passwords for you. Don’t confuse screen time passcode with screen unlocking passcode. To unlock screen lock passcode, refer to Forgot My iPhone, iPad or iPod passcode, How to Fix it.

What to do if I forgot Screen Time passcode.

Video Tutorial:

Part 1. Use Screen Time Passcode Recovery (Free).

Open Settings> Screen Time > Change Screen Time Passcode> Tap Change Screen Time Passcode or Turn Off Screen Time Passcode > Tap Forgot Passcode?

On that Screen Time Passcode Recovery Page, Enter your Apple ID & Password.

reset screen time passcode via screen time passcode recovery
If you tap Change Screen Time Passcode and then use Screen Time Passcode Recovery, it will let you enter your new passcode.

Once you choose Turn Off Screen Time Passcode and then Screen Passcode Recovery, it will turn off the forgotten screen time passcode for you.

Once you forgot your screen time passcode with skipping the step of providing your Apple ID & password, You can’t recover it with Screen Passcode Recovery.

The apple way is to restore the iPhone or iPad to factory settings by erasing everything. After that, you can set it up as New.

Part 2. Use the settings app to factory reset the device.

Use the Settings app to erase your iPhone to its factory settings. By using this way, you will erase all the content & settings, losing everything. However, you can restore it from one of the backups if you have one.

Requirement: screen unlocking passcode. Someone may be also the screen time passcode.

You can totally erase your iPhone—including the screen time passcode by factory resetting it.

Go to Settings > General > Erase All Content & Settings. Then confirm to authenticate with your passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID. And confirm Erase.

Some people can reset it only with the passcode(screen lock passcode), some people are required to enter the screen time passcode after that. If you have forgotten your screen time password here, you can’t factory reset your iPhone via the Settings app. (We tested for several times to sign in & sign out the Apple ID, things may be different: you may reset it without entering the screen time passcode here if possible.) If it isn’t viable to use option 1, turn to Option 2 or 3.

Part 3. Use the Third-Party SD iPhone Passcode Unlocker. (No Data Loss)

Option 2. Use some third-party apps to remove screen time passcode without data loss.

Requirement: A PC or Mac to install the software.

Most outstanding features: No passcode required. No data loss.

We have proven this software can remove the forgotten screen time passcode without data loss. You can check that process from my video.

To use this app, Firstly, free download and install it on your PC or Mac.

Step 1: Launch the app and connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod to the Computer.

Choose Screen Time

Step 2: Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod to the computer and unlock it. Then disable Find My: Settings > [Your Name] > Find My. Toggle to turn it off.

what if forgot screen time passcode connect to computer and use software to reset
what if forgot screen time passcode – connect to the computer and use software to reset

Step 3. Start to Remove and wait for a while.Start to remove Screen Time Passcode

Step 4: Set up your device and Note that choose Don’t Transfer Apps & Data on Apps & Data Page. Also, Choose Set up later on Screen Time page during the setup process. Done. You can use your device without the screen time passcode and gone with the related restrictions.

Screen Time Passcode unlocked successfullyPart 4: Use iTunes to Reset the Screen Time Passcode.

Basic Requirement: Apple ID password is required to disable Find My. The Passcode is required during the process.

 Restore the iPhone or iPad to factory settings via iTunes on the computer. Consequently, the screen time passcode will disappear with all content & settings on your device.

With forgotten screen time passcode, you can’t change the apps limit or screen time related settings, or if you forgot your kid’s screen time passcode, you can’t adjust the parental control settings.

Remove screen time passcode without losing data method with iTunes

Restore to an Encrypted Backup (the Backup without set-up screen time Passcode).

 One proven way by us is to remove the forgotten screen time passcode is to restore your iPhone or iPad to a recent encrypted iTunes backup (choose one backup on the data without turning on screen time). Another proven way is that you can restore your device with a backup of another Apple ID without enabling screen time or screen time passcode.

Maybe you want to learn more about: how to backup your iPhone iPad or iPod with iTunes or iCloud 2020.

However, you can’t remove it by restoring a backup with failed screen time passcode attempts. The status will be still restored. Likewise, don’t restore with any unencrypted backups, as it won’t work to reset the screen time passcode.

Don’t be distraught, if you have forgotten your screen time passcode without Passcode or iTunes, there is a hassle-free way to recover it via the third-party software.

How to use Screen Time on your Child’s device.

There are two ways.

  1. You can set up screen time and create settings right and screen time passcode on your Child’s device.
  2. Use family sharing to configure your Child’s iPhone or iPad and regulate the screen time settings from your own device.

To do that, Go to Settings > Tap [Your Name] >Tap Family Sharing > Add a Family Member. Here you can create a child account or invite your children to join your family by asking them to enter their Apple ID.

Navigate to Settings app > Screen Time, under Family, choose your child’s name, Tap Use Screen Time passcode. Enter the screen time Passcode for your child and confirm.

Next time when you want to turn off or Change screen time Passcode, Tap Change screen Time Passcode > Change Screen Time Passcode or Turn off Screen Time passcode on this page. Authenticate with your Touch ID, passcode or Face ID.If you need to turn off screen time, Tap Turn off Screen Time at the bottom of the Page.

Forgot your child’s Screen Time passcode? How to reset?

 If you haven’t used the family sharing, reset it use the child’s device. You can apply the above methods.

If you have family sharing, reset it on your own iPhone or iPad with entering your passcode (your screen unlocking passcode).

Don’t confuse your own screen time passcode with your child’s screen time passcode on your device. Once I entered many failed attempts of mine to unlock my children’s screen time passcode, at last, I realized that. Remember to change child’s screen time passcode from children’s name under the family of Screen Time Page. (Change your screen time passcode directly on the page.)

How to Remove Screen Time Passcode failed Attempts? Screen Time Passcode Won’t Change, how to remove or reset/sync it?

(Share one usual & weird software issue & resolutions)

When you saw several failed screen time passcode attempts, you wait for the try again minutes. And later,you turn off the screen time and turn it on again. Just find that when you tap the option of the last failed screen time attempts to change limits or settings, the red message is still there. You enter the new screen time passcode and it won’t work. Yes, you have changed the screen time passcode. But it won’t recognize it.

In a word, you have successfully reset the screen time passcode but when unlocking the screen time related settings of my iPhone using the new passcode, it doesn’t work. Although there were many times I was successful with resetting the screen time passcode and all the passcode did not work.

As a result, 17 failed screen time passcode attempts for my iPhone today(lasting for half a day). Even when I entered the Apple ID via Screen Time Passcode Recovery, the failed passcode attempts added.

Dramatically we reset the screen time passcode successfully in the end. Hopefully, it will work for you if the usual scenario happens to you. Likely, there may be some software issue of the Screen Time app.

Option 1: Force Reboot the iPhone and try to change the passcode again to see if it works.

To force reboot the phone: press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Volume Down buttons until you see the Apple logo.

This time after the force reboot the iPhone. Head to Settings > Screen Time > Change Screen Time Passcode>Change Screen Time Passcode>Forgot Passcode > Enter Apple ID. After entering Apple ID & password. Later, my iPhone let me enter the new passcode. Hooray, the 17 failed screen time passcode attempts disappeared. All work as normal after a force reboot.

If option 1 is not viable for you, turn to option 2.

Option 2:Screen Time Passcode not sync troubleshooting – Backup and Update iOS system.

Be careful with this method. Do back up your device Before updating the iOS system in case of any possible errors during the update. If you have any existing iOS system problems, fix it with iOS system recovery.

If force reboot didn’t fix it, try the following software troubleshooting methods.

Do a fully encrypted backup of your whole device, and then update it to the latest iOS 13/14 version. The latest versions may overcome weird software issues.

Cannot turn off your screen time passcode because of prompted failed screen time passcode message? We suggest you to turn to the third-party software SD iPhone passcode unlocker. (the above one)

Hopefully, one of the steps should do the trick.

Other Common Questions & Answers about Screen Time Passcode?

Question 1: How many failed screen time passcode attempts?

10 or more. If you have 10 or more failed screen time passcode attempts, you have to try again in 60 minutes. We explained the failed screen time passcode attempts in the article:What Happens after 10 Failed Screen Time Passcode Attempts (iOS 14/13)

Question 2: How to Turn off Screen Time Passcode Without Passcode?

Enter Apple ID & Passcode to reset it directly via Screen Time Passcode Recovery or use the third-party software. With using the software, you need a computer (PC or Mac) to remove it or turn off Screen Time Passcode.

Question 3: How to remove restriction passcode or screen time passcode for free with utility?

PinFinder is a free program to figure out the restrictions or screen time passcode from the backups of iTunes. It only supports iOS 7 to iOS 12.4, while iOS 13, 14 is not supported by it.

Question 4: What is My Screen time Passcode on My iPhone/iPad, I never set a screen time passcode.

Screen time Passcode inherits Restriction Passcode in the earlier versions of iOS if you enabled that in the past.

Question 5: I have changed my screen time passcode (Use a new one), why failed screen time passcode Attempts message (happened on the old one) still there?

Like the above example, try to force reboot your iPhone for several times. There may be some software issues.

Question 6: Why I can’t sign out of My Apple ID (or My children’s) with “Sign-out is not available due to restrictions”?

This problem is still related to Screen Time feature in iOS 13, 14. Try the following directions:

On your Personal device (without family sharing):

  1. Navigate to Settings > Screen Time > Turn off Screen Time (scroll all the way down and choose “Turn Off Screen Time”)
  2. Go to Settings > [Your Name], scroll all the way down, and choose Sign Out. Enter your Apple ID to turn off Find My if asked. And Then Sign Out.

On your organizer device with family sharing.

1: Turn off every shared feature to family members including screen time on your device.

Turn off Screen Time of all your family members one by one.

Go to Settings > Screen Time, Choose the child’s name under Family. Then Turn off Screen Time and authenticate with your Touch ID, Face ID or Passcode.

2: After that, turn off Screen Time on your own iPhone/iPad/iPod. And Sign out your Apple ID successfully.

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